Save 15% on Your Next Hotel Booking

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Part II of the Bargain Traveling series. Missed part 1? Read about booking the cheapest flight here.

Hostels are cheap. But the clean room, private bathroom, desk and so much more of a hotel are admittedly quite relaxing – it’s also a nice respite from an entire day of backpacking around the city.

Frankly, hotels come at a steep price. However, knowing the right websites to book your hotels with can easily save you 15% – more pocket money for midnight snacks!

We, at Truovo, searched nine booking websites –,, Agoda, Kayak, Priceline, Hotwire, Trivago, HotelsCombined, and Expedia. With filters of 1-, 2-star categories, Downtown LA, and February 16 – 19, here are the results:

#3. Expedia

What’s Hot: Expedia comes it at #3 with its fair prices – while not always the cheapest, it’s certainly lower than quotes from and Agoda. Expedia’s rewards program, Expedia+, is also very unique and gives added points to the company.

Shower Thoughts: Quite honestly surprising to find Expedia, one of the largest travel companies, to have one of the cheapest prices in the industry

Gist: Expedia’s website has it all for you – with it’s rewards program and fair pricing, it’s definitely a safe bet!


#1 (Tied). Trivago & Hotels.Com

What’s Hot: Both websites give the same quotes for lodging and will almost certainly be the cheapest amongst other prices. While and Agoda quoted a 3-night stay at Vagabond Inn in LA for $542, Trivago and came in at $457 – $85 in savings!

Shower Thoughts: Trivago and are both majority owned by Expedia, Inc – Expedia sweeps the Top 3 for lodging!

Gist: With their amazing price deals and access to Expedia’s partnerships, you can’t go wrong in booking a hotel with either Trivago or!


Conclusion: If you’re looking for a cheap hotel in LA (and most other places in the US), Trivago and are your best resources based on their large selection of results and bargain prices! and Agoda consistently displayed the most expensive results, while Expedia’s a safe bet if you’re looking for a more established company.


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