Book the Cheapest Flight for Your Next Adventure

We’ve all had those sudden urges to travel; however, with the endless search engines, flight deals, fluctuating prices, and more, booking the cheapest flight possible is overwhelming. With each website having its own special features – and some definitely having an advantage over others in terms of price – here are our top 3 travel websites for your next flight.


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#3. Jetradar

What’s hot: Jetradar finds you cheaper fares than most big websites (Expedia, Tripadvisor, Kayak). With over 500 airline (include budget and local companies) and travel website partners, Jetradar delivers fares from short, low-cost trips to long-haul flights.

Shower Thoughts: Jetradar’s travel blog has some interesting reads. Map pricing on Jetradar’s App is pretty slick, showing you how much it costs to go to each state.

Gist: Jetradar gives you good (but not best) prices relative to Expedia and The Priceline Group.

#2. Momondo

What’s hot: Momondo finds you the cheapest fares 95% of the time. With over 600 partnerships, according to Forbes, it’s “one of the best travel websites for sourcing travel deals with one of the most intuitive meta search engines.”

Shower Thoughts: Momondo was an independent aggregator until July 2017 when it was bought by The Priceline Group. The website’s very aesthetically pleasing. 

Gist: Momondo gets you the cheapest flight almost every time, but the website is very slow – the slowest among the Top 3.

#1. SkyScanner

What’s hot: Skyscanner gets you the cheapest fares in the fastest time. With multiple awards and accolades, its consistency is incomparable and is our #1 recommendation.

Shower Thoughts: The search ‘everywhere’ option for your destination is genius. SkyScanner’s owned by Ctrip, the largest travel company in China.

Gist: SkyScanner gets it done on a consistent basis – cheap flights and no website delays.

Part I of the Bargain Traveling series. Read part II – all about booking the cheapest lodging here.


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